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I was awakened this morning by a text message from my friend saying she was questioning so much about the world at the moment. I knew then that Donald Trump won the Presidency. To be honest, I’m not really sure how I feel, besides disgusted. While the numbers were being reported last night I tried my very best not to watch it. Yet, when my 10 year old niece called me and said “Ti Ti it’s really bad!” I indeed became nervous. Not to mention my Daddy was so distraught he just decided to sleep rather than watch the numbers.

I avoided writing about the election, until today! I am truly disappointed that so many people argued and ridiculed me for exercising my right to vote! Too many people decided to stay home because they felt that either candidate wouldn’t be a wise choice for the country. People were so high and mighty! They said, “Clinton is a criminal; You’re being tricked into believing she is a better candidate than Trump!” We the American people have been spoiled with the squeaky clean image of President Obama, so, we don’t think the normal dirt that Politicians partake in is acceptable! Please don’t misunderstand me I’m not trying to justify wrong doings, but I am saying if you think Politicians specifically on high levels don’t have to get horrible tasks completed for the greater good then you are naive!

Trump had a well known racist performer perform in Grand Rapids, MI the day before the election! Hell, Donald Trump’s Father was a Klu Klux Klan member! The KKK openly supported Trump! Guess what? We now officially have a full blown racist as our next President! Many people didn’t realize their was so much White rage in America! You know how you always hear about African Americans talking about how they are discriminated against in subtle ways? Those same subtle racist went out in numbers to display how strongly they believe we (we meaning anyone that doesn’t fall in line with White Supremacy) don’t belong here!

Trump’s plan for Police Brutality was “Law and Order,” which means there will be an even bigger open season session on African Americans and Latinos! Yet, he has his very own special victims case coming up next month, because he’s accused of rape! This election proves that most of America is still uneducated and would rather support what they think vs the facts! That goes for the racist voters and the people that didn’t bother to vote at all! When I say uneducated understand that I mean you let your personal feelings outweigh everything else. You’d rather have a President that has no experience at all than a woman President that is almost over qualified for the Presidency. You’d rather have a President that appeals to your personal feelings about other ethnicities… a President that has an extremely limited vernacular and NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE OR KNOWLEDGE! It says so much about this country!

I tried to tell people that this was not the election to split the vote and vote for the Green Party. I was told that I was spreading fear! That I need to pay attention and stop being brainwashed. I tried to warn people that we are voting for more than just the Presidency. This is the one time that I’m terribly sad to be right! Some of us really underestimated those dirt poor Republicans and the hatred that so many people have for people of color! What I do know is that African Americans always survive even in the worse days of being oppressed. Politicians have failed us for years! I’m hoping and praying that there are no walls built, no people being deported, no increased attacks on people of color, and no attacks upon Muslim people.

This country is deep rooted in ignorance, racism, sexism, and classism! These are the very social issues that won the election last night. I’ve always seen your true colors America, but know this: We are all immigrants to this land and I am not my ancestors! I may carry them in spirit but that is all!

(This was originally posted on LetsTalkRaeStyle.com on November 9th,2016.