Bio: Ashley Rae is a Detroit born author, business writer, and blogger. Ashley began writing when she became displeased with the high volumes of social issues and injustices in the world, and the number of people who are ill informed about them. Ashley used the misinformation that is often fed to so many people when it comes to these issues as motivation to enlighten as many people as possible. She decided to launch the blogsiteLetsTalkRaeStyle.com, where she discusses topics of a wide range including love, life, religion, politics, and current events. She is also the author of the upcoming book How to Play the Game of Life: A guide on maneuvering through life’s challenges (Walker, 2016), and the owner of Business Service Solutions- a business writing company that Ashley was inspired to launch after obtaining her Master’s degree in Business Administration. The company is dedicated to assisting clients in resume writing, cover letter writing, contract drafting and a host of other business related services, and has been highly praised by clients from across the country. Ashley is not only passionate about writing, she is very passionate about helping the city of Detroit and the Youth who reside in it. She ran her own non-profit organization called “The Doris Rae Stephens Foundation” from 2010-2013, where she mentored inner city girls whose ages ranged from 13-19. Mentoring, paying it forward, giving back, and living positively are all values that Ashley Rae believes in whole heartedly, and tries to pass those traits on to others through her writings. Ashley Rae is free spirited, open minded, a true Native Detroiter and city girl that’s always encouraging everyone else to be humble and proud of where they emerged from as well. Ashley was bred with an innate business sense along with a strong desire to educate the masses, which she continues to use as motivation in her writings to uplift people across the country.

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