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The V


There has been so much celebrity gossip going on via social media lately, with the most recent subject being Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. If you’ve been under a rock, let me give you a quick run down: Chyna allegedly sent Rob a video of her in the bed with a dude on July 4th. Rob then began to spill all of Chyna’s tea- which included posting a picture of Chyna’s vagina on Instagram. Keep in mind that they had already broken up, so doesn’t that mean she can sexually entertain whomever she wants? Since then, Rob’s Instagram account has been suspended. Meanwhile, people are talking about how Rob knew Chyna was a hoe and he should have expected it. I’m just confused on how so may people that don’t know Chyna personally know who has been in her vagina!

Now of course when they became an item, rumors were flaring about this being her ultimate revenge on Tyga. That could have very well been true. However, after watching the show, I discovered that Rob has some serious mental issues such as his severe depression-that he often took out on Chyna. I don’t see anyone discussing the fact that Chyna had her own money before she got with Tyga or Rob. All I keep hearing about is Chyna being a hoe. No one has been able to tell me what makes her a hoe exactly.

Her being a stripper previously does not make her a hoe! It’s the comments from the women with their views on Chyna that really gets to me. Sis let’s be real, how many men have been in your vagina? If your man knew, would he consider you a hoe? Do you consider yourself to be a hoe? Just because you’re older now doesn’t erase that body count from college because you just wanted to have fun! Let’s not forget the summer of 2000 when you just wanted to gain some experience (BODIES)!

When you’re in a certain social circle, of course you’re going to date men in that circle or on that level. That’s common sense right? This is really bigger than Chyna and Rob. Why is it okay for men and women to police other people’s vaginas? Men don’t even have a vagina, yet they are often the first ones to call someone a hoe. The fact of the matter is some these men were raised by hoes, and that’s why they have such strong negative opinions about women. You remember staying with your Grandma that weekend because your Mom was going to Atlanta? You know she was going to the Freak Nik, right? Do you remember she used to make you call all of her boyfriends Uncle?

Here is the bottom line: stop trying to control and monitor the bodies of women! Stop “exposing” personal information about women, because you’re mad that a particular one isn’t behaving the way you see fit! Stop associating promiscuity with images that are used for publicity! Stop associating promiscuity with revealing clothing! Even if a woman chooses to be promiscuous, how does that affect YOUR daily life? Worry about your own vagina maintenance and miles! If you don’t have a vagina, be concerned about the one you get to play in….

You don’t own anyone else’s body parts- Not even if you’re in a relationship with them! Policing of vaginas just causes resistance! Thanks for visiting Let’s talk Rae style…

 This blog was originally posted July 9th, 2017 on LetsTalkRaeStyle.com