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The first time I heard the name Kym Worthy, I was 8 years old. The city of Detroit was in a state of bedlam due to the Malice Green beating. It was definitely a time for the community to be upset. Police officers had been getting away with murdering and harming African American citizens like Malice and Rodney King for decades.

Kym Worthy was the Chief Prosecutor in the Malice Green case. She was a 36 year old well educated Black woman who graduated from the University of Michigan and Notre Dame Law schools. With her long, jet black hair and stylish nails, she was fearless in the court room. Kym made a name for herself in the legal world with her dramatic tactics, coupled with her winning 90 out of the 100 jury trials she had conducted in her 9 years with the Wayne County prosecutor’s office.

Kym being the Chief Prosecutor in the Malice Green trial is what put her in the forefront of the world! From there, she went straight to the top! Kym now serves as our County Prosecutor, which is huge! She’s the second African American to serve as a county prosecutor in Michigan.

Like most things and people, change occurs with them over time. This past summer, I watched Kym defend her actions of refusing to release Davontae Stanford, an innocent young man that was charged with murder at the age of 14. Hitman Vincent Smothers confessed to killing the people that Stanford was charged with killing two weeks after Stanford was convicted, yet Kym still would not clear Stanford. Kym’s favorite slogan is “facts matter.” But if that were the case, Mr. Stanford wouldn’t have been left in prison. Kym took no accountability for her actions.

There are more issues regarding Kym Worthy’s misconduct, lack of accountability, retaliation tactics, questionable ethics and judgment, but for the sake of time I’m going to get right to the point! Last year I was dropping my cousin off at a birthday dinner at Benihana located in Dearborn, MI. When we arrived, I noticed multiple police cars along with a car that was clearly undriveable. My exact words were “who have they killed now?” I didn’t find out until the next day that the woman they murdered was my middle school classmate. Of course the Dearborn police claimed their lives were in danger. They went as far as saying she tried to run an officer over with her car. I thought to myself “it sounds like she was trying to get away from the police.”

The video footage of the actual shooting was released last week. As I watched the video, I could not help but to become emotionally upset and distraught as Officer James Wade fired shots through the vehicle. The dash cam doesn’t show any officers in front of the vehicle. With their guns drawn and pointed, they were in no danger. His partner then says “you did what you had to do.” That’s not what he had to do, that’s what he wanted to do! James Wade is a DEARBORN PIG! Before killing this citizen he had just been suspended for his aggressive tactics, and had two other incidents on his record for aggressive tactics.

Guess who’s desk this came across? No other than Kym Worthy! Kym stated that the woman who was killed drove her car toward the officers, so no charges would be filed. I’m trying to figure out what footage she watched, and just how thick and current her eye lenses are? The very same kind of case that made her career what it is today is the same type of case that she has turned a blind eye to twice in the same city (Dearborn). What happened to Kym?

What happened to the woman who believed in justice and making things make sense? She actually had me believing for a while that she cared about the citizens and the justice system, and that she was on the right side of the law. It seems as if once she became eager to prosecute the former Mayor of Detroit, that was her initiation into the good old boys club (Not that she will ever truly be one)! However, she is accepted and tolerated, and all of the things she has done improperly are over looked. Every once in a while someone will muckrate, but the power of the political circle she’s in crushes it every time.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised or upset because I’m aware of how this game is played. It just hurts a little when someone who gave you so much hope about improving the justice system reminds you that there is a cost for everything- particularly major success and recognition. When paying that cost, people often lose themselves and forget why they originally began that journey.

No matter who’s in charge, we can never expect a system that was created against us to protect us.