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I made a Facebook status posing the question “when did being an independent woman equal not needing or wanting a man?” Of course the comments section blew up. Some people stated that social media has a lot to do with this new found definition, while others said they actually heard women stating that they are independent and don’t need a man. However, I’m sure that the statement of not needing a man is being misinterpreted.

When most women say they don’t need a man, I believe it’s them stating that they don’t need a man to take care of them financially. After all, an Independent woman is a woman that takes care of herself, pays her own bills, and makes great things happen for herself. Shouldn’t men want women that are independent instead of one that’s begging for handouts? It seems men can’t seem to make up their minds on this matter. Do you want us to beg you for money on the first date, or do you want us to be independent?

Neyo made an entire song about Independent women, showing his love and appreciation for the women that handle their own business. The working woman. Being an independent woman has no correlation to not wanting a man or needing one. Everyone needs someone-It’s one of our basic needs as humans. Single women have no choice but to be independent. We can’t starve until we meet our future husbands.

Men should not be offended or intimidated by women who say they are independent. It’s just simply a way of a woman expressing she is proud for being able to provide for herself. She may not need a man financially, but surely there are other needs that she wants a man to satisfy.

The next time you hear a woman say that she’s independent and you’re confused about what she means by it, just ask instead of making an assumption…