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img_7755I watched President Obama address the crisis in Syria on December 16th, 2016. The press kept asking him if he was planning to help President-Elect Trump with such matters as Syria before leaving office. They also asked numerous questions about Trump and also, if President Obama believed that the outcome of the election were due to the Russians hacking the system (This matter is being investigated by the CIA currently).

President Obama answered each question with eloquence, as he always does. However, there was something he stated that stood out to me. When he was asked about the way he responded and if he felt responsible, he said, “I always feel responsible for everything.” I couldn’t help but wonder if he feels responsible for everything because many Americans blame him for everything. If the sky starts falling it’s President Obama’s fault!

I personally will be glad and sad when he leaves office. Of course Im going to miss him being the President. His charm, his whit, his kindness, and his politeness. Statistically, he has been the best President. Yet, when he’s out of office he can’t be blamed for the list of catastrophes that’s going to take place. All he can do is partially advise Trump on what he thinks is best and keep it moving!

President Obama and his family will be free, if that makes any sense to you. Hopefully, since they will no longer be in the White house they’ll be less accessible to severe scrutiny and be able to live their lives peacefully and privately.

Farewell First Family!