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Sometimes it’s hard to find quality TV shows with African American leading characters or a predominately African American cast. We are currently in the era of Reality TV and have been for a while now. “How to Get Away with Murder” isn’t coming back on until January
and I’ve been missing two of my favorite TV shows, “Being Mary Jane” and “Scandal!” Recently, one of my male friends called me and told me I need to check out this show called “Insecure” on HBO.

He’s super critical about everything so I figured I should check the show out. I decided to binge watch “Insecure!” I was ecstatic to see a character that represents the in-between age/stage and feelings that Black women experience. Displaying how Issa started to question everything about her life is recognizable. It’s a feeling that most of us know; especially, at the age of 29 and when you hit 30! I’m sure many people can identify with having to re-word your thoughts so
you won’t say something offensive to your peers (coworkers) even though their statements offend you. The struggle is often too real when dealing with how you’re perceived in the workplace. Particularly when others are allowed to say and do whatever they want! Ugh moving on!

Do you know what Issa has, that Olivia and Mary Jane don’t have?! You guessed it, A MAN! Finally, a Black woman with credentials, leading role, and she has a long term relationship! Leading lady Issa has an educated, handsome man named Lawerence. Well at least she had a long term relationship with Lawerence (It isn’t over). The way Lawerence passed out those shots just thickens the storyline. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out!

Did I mention Issa’s bestfriend Molly? Molly is easily identified as the bestie as the show makes it a point to display the lighthearted way they use the word bitch when speaking with one another. That’s almost how you know the love is real between friends. Molly adds an entirely different Black girl dynamic to the mix. I think we all know a Molly. Hell, you might be Molly! Enough is never really enough, and being educated yet single isn’t easy. Everyone has a friend or friends that has to bring them back to reality from time to time. The beautiful thing about Issa and Molly’s relationship is that they reciprocate that behavior to each other.

Needless to say, I’ve added “Insecure” to my list of shows that I can’t wait to return! If you’re looking for a smart, savvy, realistic, and funny show- you’ll find it all in Issa Rae’s “Insecure.”

Real TV is back!