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There seems to be so much love and happy relationships everywhere you turn. I am a person that loves love, all kinds of love. It doesn’t matter if it’s the love you have for your Mom or your bestfriend it’s an amazing feeling. However, I want to focus on the love that you receive within relationships with your boyfriend or girlfriend (significant others). There are people that love each other and show that love for each other by mirroring one another’s love. There are always those that demonstrate their love in completely different ways, but it’s just how they love  (Here is where things get twisted). 

As I communicate with people about love and relationships on a more personal level it scares me! There are so many people that are in relationships and their partners have no idea how they really feel and what they are really doing. I’ve always had this kind of fairytale belief about relationships, but not in a Disney since. It’s more like I want my partner to be my bestfriend, and I want to know all his secrets even if they may hurt. Isn’t it better to be honest? If you’re honest you’re giving your partner the choice to continue on in the relationship or not. Does that type of honesty exist within relationships? I’m not sure if it does because most people aren’t honest with themselves.

Example: Everyone knows someone that’s been in a relationship for years. They seem like the ideal couple. Met when they were really young and have been together ever since. Their families know each other and they know each other very well (so they think). Yet one of them has been cheating throughout the entire relationship. When I say cheating in this instance I mean just sex. Then one day the cheater came across someone that made them question their entire relationship. This particular escapade was more than sex. This was mental stimulation, inspiration of desires, a friend, and a totally new experience. In all actuality the cheater had truly began to outgrow the relationship that they were in, but because of the years invested they were hesitant to leave. I never really understood the point of being in relationship and cheating. Although I do understand wanting something different every now and again (conflicted). I suppose it’s greed.

I hear so many people discuss how they don’t want to be in the relationship that they are in, but don’t go anywhere because it’s hard to leave. Are you doing your partner a favor by staying simply because it’s hard to leave? Are you being honest about your well-being and happiness? Are you being honest about what you want for yourself? It seems to me that there are lots of people that are in relationships because they are comfortable or afraid of what other people may say or think. You can stay comfortable, but nothing grows there! Sometimes it’s just a matter of not wanting to hurt the person you’re in a relationship with, which is totally understandable I just don’t think it’s healthy or fair for the parties involved.

People need to be honest with themselves before getting in a relationship, and continue that honesty throughout the relationship. In the long run you could end up losing it all including yourself. Maybe we expect too much from the people we get in relationships with. Do we allow men and women to be who they are when in relationships, or do we expect them to be who we want them to be?

We all are just trying to put the puzzle pieces together of life and really just hoping that they fit. However, the only things that are truly consistent are change and death. I think I’m going to hold on to my fairytale for now.

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