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I take weekly trips to Target- sometimes three times a week. My trips include me drinking a Sweet Tooth Latte from Biggby and consuming a bottle of Absopure right after. After I go through the home goods, cleaning, intimates, and grocery aisles, it happens: the great bathroom debate. I’m stuck in checkout trying to figure out if I can retain my urge to tinkle until I get home.

I absolutely despise public restrooms. In fact, the only public restrooms that I have ever felt were decent are the ones at the casinos. By decent I mean I don’t think I’m going to die if my pants legs touch the floor. In some cases I have had to make a mad dash to the restroom in Target. During those times, I’ve never been concerned about who walked in after me, before me, or during my time in the stall. I’m still not concerned about who goes in and out.

Now, all of a sudden, there is huge conversation about Transgender people going to public restrooms. This has become a national issue about which bathroom a transgender person should be using. If you don’t know, a Transgender person is a person who’s gender identity is opposite of their biological sex. I’m pretty sure that a transgender person has walked in the bathroom with you before and used the restroom and you had no idea, because there was no discussion or curiosity about who someone was that came in to use the restroom.

So why is it a big deal today? Don’t all restrooms have stalls? In fact, the mens room has urinals and stalls. If a Transgender male went to the mens room and could actually stand up and pee, they are not only super talented but deserve to be in there! I struggle with the cup at the doctors office, so kudos to you! Are people walking into restrooms announcing that they are transgender before handling their business?

In all seriousness, use the restroom that you’ve been using prior to making this topic national news. If no one has said anything to you as a transgender person before then, keep using that restroom. If someone has addressed you to inquire about the validity of your sex for the bathroom choice, you can either ignore them or ask them to prove you wrong.

Everyone should concern themselves with their own business. I don’t want to hear anything else about people being concerned about their children being molested by transgender people. That’s an ignorant assumption. It’s especially ignorant because it’s a fact the children are mostly molested by people they know, trust, and love. All Im asking is that people educate themselves on the facts and don’t just go with what’s in favor of the masses.

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