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During Governor Snyder’s State of the State address he spent majority of his time discussing the Flint water crisis. He was sure to say apologetic phrases and also to share the blame with local leaders. He stated that the Government,the State, and local leaders failed the citizens of Flint. What he didn’t say is that the local leaders were appointed by him and his administration i.e. Emergency manager.

Those individuals report directly to Governor Snyder. Elected local officials lack real authority much like the ones in the city of Detroit. The city Council of Flint voted to switch from DWSD to the KWA pipeline in Lake Huron in the year of 2017 which, is when it was projected to be completed. The Emergency manager and Governor Snyder’s team elected to tap into the Flint River until the pipeline was completed.

In March 2014 the city of Flint began sourcing it’s water from the Flint river. Four months after the switch the citizens began to complain about the taste and smell of the water. When test were ran on the water the results stated that fecal coliform bacteria, a disinfectant product, and high levels of lead were found. The Governor denied perhaps even ignored these results. High levels of lead were also found in the blood stream of infants and children!

Governor Snyder still failed to take action until December 15th, 2015 when he declared a State of emergency. An entire year and 9 months later. How can one be considered a leader when you can’t accept or hold oneself accountable for your actions?

This problem was created by Governor Snyder and his administration in an attempt to save 5 million dollars over a 2 year time frame. It seems evident that proper testing and safety measures were not conducted for the Flint River water system. It was just put in place with no evidence that this would be beneficial or healthy for the citizens besides the cost savings. Mistakes of this magnitude are irreversible.

It’s imperative that politicians are held to high standards! They are elected to provide and make decisions for the best interest of the people. Governor Snyder needs to do more than reveal his emails from 2014 and 2015: He needs to reveal his 2013 emails as well.

The Governor needs to take full responsibility for poisoning an entire city and show some remorse! Since he hasn’t displayed any of those actions, is Governor Snyder the kind of leader you want to represent you?