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Did you all watch the last episode of Scandal? My mouth literally dropped to the floor as Olivia proceeded to the clinic to have an abortion. All while Mellie stood in the middle of The Congress floor for 16 hours in order to guarantee funding for Planned Parenthood. There are so many groups that are against Planned Parenthood not realizing that only 3% of the organizations business are actually abortions. Planned Parenthood has been viewed under a microscope since a clearly edited video was leaked accusing the organization if illegally selling fetal issue. It’s safe to say that today Planned Parenthood’s efforts are geared towards Women’s health. Mainly helping to prevent sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

It was brilliant for Shonda to show two different ends of the spectrum. One being actually showing choices that Women have to make for themselves in compromising situations and second the Woman or Women fighting for those who cant afford proper care. Funding for Planned Parenthood is and has been a real issue. In the mist of me writing this article a tragedy occurred. A Terrorist went into a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Spring, Colorado and shot 11 people. One officer and two civilians were killed. The police were engaged in a standoff with the shooter 57 year old Robert Lewis Dear for about 5 hours. The motives of Dear have not been confirmed but I’m sure we all could take an educated guess. After all, terrorist are extremist when it comes to what they believe or think. It would have been interesting to see the comments and reactions of viewers if an attack on Planned Parenthood would have been shown on Scandal. It’s not like it’s never happened before.

I appreciate seeing images on television that depict real life situations. Real life times! Although I am an advocate for women’s rights to choose what happens to them and their bodies: I do believe any woman that is sexually active and doesn’t want children should use some form of birth control. That’s just the responsible thing to do in my opinion. However, we all make mistakes both big and small. Scandal has definitely highlighted mistakes and the endless journey of trying to correct those mistakes.

What happened in Colorado Springs is a tragedy. No TV show (not even Scandal) could accurately depict the fear that the civilians in the clinic felt nor the hurt and pain that the families that have lost loved ones are feeling. The reality is certain issues are being forced to the forefront as real distractions to what’s really going on behind the scenes in politics. Planned Parenthood shouldn’t even be an issue that is constantly a topic during debates. It shouldn’t be a topic because the rights of individuals, women in particular shouldn’t be a deciding factor of anyone else’s besides that woman.

Understand that women should control their own bodies and, clinics that assist with helping women take care of their bodies are not the enemy. The mental and physical health of women is important and shouldn’t be questioned or attacked.

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