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It seems since the take over of social media many people have become desensitized about what’s inappropriate to say and or do depending upon the situation. Here are some random things you shouldn’t do or ask- “Is that your real hair?” That’s so rude! Asking a person how much they pay for personal items is inappropriate unless you have that kind of friendship with them. Taking selfies at a funeral is inappropriate, period! It’s not about how cute you think you look at a funeral it’s about paying your respect to the deceased. Putting your children’s faults or personal mishaps on social media is inappropriate! That’s not the publics business! Then you get mad when someone comments on the situation even though you made it accessible for comments.

When a person posts a GO FUND ME account because they don’t have the financial resources to pay for a funeral and burial it is inappropriate to make comments about people not having life insurance! Let me fill you in a little bit about life insurance…. They don’t have to pay you. If a person is at a club or public venue and is somehow caught in the crossfire I guarantee you that the insurance company will try to make a case that the person may have been the cause of the shooting in an attempt to not pay the beneficiary! Besides people not knowing the entire situation is any of that your business? You’re either going to donate or you’re not! No one wants to hear your opinion during such a delicate time.

When having a conversation with a person about what they do for a living it is inappropriate and rude to ask them how much money they make. This used to be common sense but, it’s no longer! What entitlement do you have to ask someone how much money they make? That’s so uncouth! You won’t be benefiting from their income anyway especially since you asked.

Since Charlie Sheen announced that he has HIV there has been MeMe’s and video’s joking about HIV. This is when you have to take a step back and wonder if we truly lack humanity. I know and love someone that has HIV. It’s not a joking a matter. Even if I didn’t know and love someone with HIV it’s nothing funny about the infection. 1.2 million people are living with HIV in the United States. Out of that 1.2 million 13% of people don’t know they have HIV (That could be you). 50K people are diagnosed with the infection each year. HIV could happen to any of us..

There are some things that are considered racy topics that can be funny when turned into a joke. However, we have to think about how we could be making someone else feel. We have to make a decision if LIKES out weigh the ability to empathize with others. If you wouldn’t want someone to say it to you then don’t say it to anyone else.

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