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Peaceful photo

(photo credit Gawker)

Rumain Brisbon 12-2-14, Tamir Rice 11-22-14, Akai Gurley 11-20-14, Kajieme Powell 8-19-14, Ezell Ford 8-12-14, Dante Parker 8-12-14, Michael Brown 8-9-14, John Crawford III 8-5-14, Tyree Woodson 8-2-14, Eric Garner 7-17-14, Victor White III 3-22-14, Yvette Smith 2-16-14, McKenzie Cochran 1-28-14, Jordan Baker 1-16-14, and even though Andy Lopez died in October of 2013 I never hear people discussing his death. 

Those are some names of unarmed Blacks and Latino’s killed in 2014 along with the date of their deaths. I’m sure there are many more that didn’t make it to a mainstream news forum or any media outlets, period. This is GENOCIDE, yet people are asking for “PEACEFUL PROTESTS.”

My initial response to the murder of Tamir Rice was to write an open letter to the Mother of Tamir of Cleveland, OH. When the story first broke about him being murdered, while playing by himself in a park with a toy gun, I think, my initial reaction was “why?.” Then, I immediately answered my own question. Our children are not viewed as children. He was only 12 years old. Someone called the police and actually said “I think it’s a toy gun but I’m scared anyway.” The police arrived and executed him. His sister arrived and tried to go to his aid and the police for bided her to do so. I watched an interview of his mother stating that the only reason why she’s able to stand up and speak at that very moment was due to the support of people all around the United States. I’m curious to know if the police have apologized to her as of yet. Can you imagine that your son at any age being murdered by the police? Not to mention he was not even a teenager yet. Nothing about his death was peaceful but you want PEACEFUL PROTEST.

John Crawford III, another victim in (Beavercreek) Ohio had a pellet gun in his hand that was out of the package in Walmart! A man named Ronald Ritchie, called the police and said, John Crawford was pointing the gun at people in Walmart. The police came into a Walmart, a place where people shop for home items, groceries, clothing, and other essentials with their families, with their guns drawn, murdering Mr. Crawford. It’s important to know two things about this story. The first being this incident caused a 32 year old woman to have a heart-attack and die from trying to get away from what was going on, and Ronald Ritchie a month later admitted that John Crawford was not pointing the gun at anyone.

In every murderous situation, protests, marches, etc. insued. During these sad, frustrating, provoking, and agitating situations, “Leaders” and others asked for “PEACEFUL PROTEST.” The protests were peaceful in Ferguson until those BULLIES (Police) showed up with military tanks, gas, and riot gear. Not to mention, they were kicking the media out and banning them from recording so the continued abuse of citizens could not be recorded. I’m not sure why they thought the media would go for that but then they took it a step further by arresting reporters.

NOW, we have the case of Freddie Gray of Baltimore. When I read the injuries that this man suffered, I literally became so nauseous, I thought, I was going to vomit. Freddie Gray died after three fractures in his neck vertebrae, a smashed voice-box, and the severing of 80% of his spine from his neck. “Leaders” are again calling for “PEACEFUL PROTEST.” I’m not encouraging anyone to be violent. However, I’m encouraging these leaders to call on peaceful police practices, and policy changes when it comes to what police are allowed to do to potential criminals, citizens, civilians, WE THE PEOPLE! Why keep hovering over the people and trying to give us directions on what not to do? We are not the ones that are not peaceful! Police the police and maybe we wouldn’t even have to protest and march every other day! Has anyone ever thought about that? Has the reason for these protests really been considered?

It seems to be an unwritten rule that it’s okay to shoot people of color down like dogs or beat them to a bloody pulp because you feel like it. Therefore, we pretty much know how to be “Good Negroes” and behave ourselves as best as we can even though we have every right to be infuriated, outraged and enraged. Yet we have been shown that even “Good Negroes” are not exempt from this mistreatment! Again, why are you asking for PEACEFUL PROTESTS? You’re asking for people to be peaceful that are almost never greeted with peace. It’s time for the Government to make some changes to laws/policies and it’s time for the people to know and understand the laws/policies.

I need these leaders to stop asking for PEACEFUL PROTESTS and instead demand some action from Authorities higher then the police, internal affairs, and the FBI. Demand action from your local lawmakers. Otherwise, look forward to the people revolting against the Government and I’m almost positive nothing about that will be peaceful.

This article was originally posted April 27th, 2015 at http://www.LetsTalkRaeStyle.com