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People are still buzzing about the 2015 BET AWARDS! This is the first year that I’ve actually watched them all the way through since Beyonce sang “Baby Boy” while hanging from the ceiling. I must admit I enjoyed the show! It helped that there were two great hosts that kept me laughing. The performance that people seemingly are talking about the most is the Puff Daddy and the family performance!

Tell me you didn’t jump out of your seat when you heard the rhythmic groove of,  “I thought I told you that we won’t stop, I thought I told you that we wont stop!?” What totally took the cake for me was our very own Lil Kim the Queen Bee rise out of the stage! I must admit, I am a die-hard Kim fan. I will always be. Let’s face it, she taught me that I could still curse and be sexy. The crowd was elated! Everyone jumped up and started rapping Kim’s fierce yet logical lyrics! It gave me my entire life! I don’t think you’re a human if you didn’t jump out your seat at that moment!

She really made those who may have forgotten who really started the era of sexy female rap. I read an article today that basically stated that Nicki Minaj was attempting to throw shade at Kim in her last speech because she mentioned something about not pursuing a person’s career. Actually, the night of the awards a friend of mine (Melanie) mentioned that same statement to me. I hope the shade was not for Kim and, Im not saying that because Im a Lil Kim fan either. I hope it wasnt because if it were it doesnt make any sense.

Kim didnt give up on anything! She did everything 20 years ago! Kim paved the way for female sex appeal in rap. She made it okay to wear different colored wigs and do her infamous pose which is, a squat with open legs. She also made it acceptable to say the same vulgar things about men that male rappers say about women. She was the first female rapper to rap in high-heel shoes! Some albums were more racy than others. Hardcore, Notorious K.I.M., La Bella Mafia which is my personal favorite, and The Naked Truth all represent different evolutions of female rap. I won’t even get started on her mix tapes.

What I want is for Kim and Nicki to share a sisterhood because in the end that’s what really is important and respect is key within any form of a relationship. You respect your elders. You respect the journey of those before you. Having support from all angles is a great thing. At some point in life you have to humble yourself and realize nothing lasts forever and acting ugly is just immature.

In the words of Lil Kim “Show some respect when respect is due! Without who? Without me there’d be NO YOU!” The woman is a legend! Until that happens ALL HAIL THE QUEEN! Lil Kim the QUEEN BEE that is!!!!

Editors Ariel S. Jones and Doria Barnes

This article was originally posted on June 30th, 2015 at http://www.LetsTalkRaeStyle.com