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There is so much to be concerned about everyday. Mothers and Fathers are concerned about their children, employees may be concerned about their future with their current company, or maybe they’re considering entrepreneurship. Life and the world around us are constantly changing.

As we get older, we start to focus on things such as our parents getting older, what we have and what we don’t have, accomplishments and future goals, etc. However, at some point, it seems that the focus changed from concentrating on ourselves to concentrating on the direction of others.

I hear people discussing and examining the lives of others to so deep of an extent that it often makes me uncomfortable, and I think social media and reality TV may play a strong role in it. There are constant posts about things people are doing and attempting to achieve. On reality TV shows, people’s lives are put on display which leaves the door open for harsh criticisms and critiques.

When someone is talking to me about the actions of a house wife and how their actions make them a “whore” it makes me question a few things: How well have you examined the miles or damage on your own precious pearl? What qualifies a person to be a whore? Is it body count or being flirtatious(That’s another topic altogether)? I’ve heard people mentioning the income of others- where or how some people live; questioning the stability of other people’s relationships, and just making snide comments about things that don’t concern them.

If you criticized yourself the way you criticize other people how would you feel about yourself? It seems that maybe we focus in on others to deflect from our own issues. No one’s life is perfect. Imagine how much more you could get accomplished in your own life if you directed your focus solely on yourself.

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This article was originally posted on April 1st, 2015 at http://www.LetsTalkRaeStyle.com