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I’m having a difficult time understanding why so many people are against The Black Lives Matter movement. How can one deny a movement that’s so necessary and prevalent? Why would you want to deny or speak negatively of the movement?  The torture and abuse enforced on Black and Brown citizens due to Police Brutality (in some cases it’s fake cops) all across the United States of America is what sparked the movement.  Police brutality seems to almost never come to surface when discussions are had about the Black Lives Matter movement. However, what seems to always come up in discussions about Black Lives matter is All Lives Matter.

Attack number one – Is the All Lives Matter movement. If all lives mattered there would have not been a need for the Black lives movement. Contrary to the belief of others, Black Lives Matter (BLM)  wasn’t created to separate anyone. It was created to bring attention and awareness to what’s going on all around you which is the beating and killings of  people (especially unarmed) of color by the police. It’s away to unite people in an understanding that it’s not okay to harass and murder Black people for sport , or through fear and that we are all connected.

When people say “all lives matter” I truly don’t think they understand that they are still ignoring the pain and agony of Black and Brown people. Saying All Lives matter is equivalent to putting your hand over the mouths of protesters and telling them not to speak or acknowledge how they (we) feel. Black Lives Matter is a movement for people of all Ethnicities to join if they believe that the unjust treatment of Black and Brown people inflicted by the police is wrong and will not stand for that behavior. Did I mention that police brutality typically ends with the death of the citizen?
The latest attack on the Black Lives Matter movement is accusing the movement of being the reason why three police officers were murdered this past week. Linking murders to a positive movement is desperate and not only that but a poor and drastic attempt to force you to think negatively of the BLM movement! Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County says that Black Lives Matter is a race baiting movement created to separate people. I didn’t know race baiting was defined as exposing the truth about the differences between people of color when being pulled over or pursued by the police versus non people of color. This word SEPARATE/SEPARATION/SEPARATING of people really burns me up because the SEPARATION of people started with a process called REDLINING! Yet, no one’s making any noise about that.
All of this boils down to AMERICAN’S being uncomfortable with people of color banding together and speaking out against discrimination and injustice! Whenever we do anything for ourselves it’s criticized and critiqued negatively by mainstream media and conservative extremist! The media does not want you, me  or us to stand together! They are the ones that want to keep us separated and it’s constantly proven.
The media lies to you in order to shape your mind, views, and opinions. They want to destroy the BlackLivesMatter movement the same way they did the Black Panther movement. I’m sure this is just the beginning of the attacks. I’ve actually read some information about info-traitors being planted within BLM. America accepts and allows all people to stand for what they believe in; only when Black and Brown people stand together is when standing up for what you believe in becomes a problem.
Just walking pass makes certain people fear for their lives; Blacks and Brown believing they are human and have the same opportunities as everyone else in America is threatening ; and solidarity is frightening to America’s hierarchical structure. Think about it!
Editor Ariel S. Jones
Photo Credit- Google
This article was originally posted on September 2nd, 2015 at http://www.LetsTalkRaeStyle.com