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You remember Ron don’t you? Ron Johnson from Detroit, whose father owned a car dealership? If you don’t remember him, here’s a quick back story on who he was: Ron Johnson went to Hillman College, and after college he fully intended on returning back to Detroit to either work for his Dad’s dealership or pursue his music career. Simply put, Detroit was known as the place where their children never permanently left home.

If students went away to college, they always returned back to Detroit where they knew careers, jobs, and opportunities would be waiting on them. Many people had parents working on the line at one of the Big 3 plants (Ford, GM, and Chrysler), making a good living. Let’s face it: the plants helped make Detroit! The plants are responsible for Detroit having the largest Black middle class. Not to mention Detroit was governed by its own people (meaning it was governed by a Black person).

Now, let’s fast forward! First, we had Coleman Young. Everyone except the citizens of Detroit hated Coleman Young. They hated him because he wasn’t afraid to say NO (or more harsh words) to any industry, business man, or politician that didn’t have the best interest of the citizens of Detroit in mind! Now to the people of extreme power Young wasn’t “playing the game.”

Next up, we have Dennis Archer. Media wise he is made out to be one of the best Mayors Detroit ever had. What they don’t mention is how he was “against gambling”, yet he tried to give a casino and an entire area to the Illitch family and call it “Fox Town.” They also don’t mention how he and then Governor John Engler made a deal that would allow the state to pay the city $333.9 million dollars over the course of 9 years in revenue sharing in 1998. When the economy went down, it brought the state’s budget down with it. The state then broke its promise to the city, leaving Detroit destitute and in debt! And my favorite thing about Dennis Archer? His illegitimate child he had with a Canadian woman!

Now let’s move on to Kwame. You can find anything negative about Kwame via the internet, but they never mention that he started the process of tearing down abandoned houses in the roughest neighborhoods, and began rebuilding them. They don’t mention that he ordered store owners in the city to remove their large “LIQUOR STORE” signs because it isn’t necessary for them to be that large, and no one wants their children to see that when they walk out of their homes.

Then we have someone’s Great Great Grandfather, Dave Bing! The first clue that he did not have the citizens’ best interest in mind was the fact that he was in cahoots with Governor Snyder. Dave Bing agreed that we needed to let the state take over the city, even though it’s against the law for the State to take over a city when they owe the city money!!! Even though the city is broke, Bing also agreed that the city should pay millions of dollars for an emergency manager. How can we afford that??? It seems as if everything that we voted against, the Governor overturned it. Does that sound like a democracy to you?

The next mistake was allowing Mike Duggan to even make the ballot. He didn’t even move from Livonia to Detroit in enough time to meet the requirements. That’s how unconcerned he was! He knew he had the backing of Governor Snyder, Dave Bing, and these mega churches that collect money from poor people on a regular basis.

Clearly these same people must have forgotten that Mike Duggan is the same person that threatened the medical examiner in the Malice Green case to say Green died of an overdose when it was really because he was beaten to death! Needless to say, the medical examiner told the truth and sued and WON! Not to mention he also had his friends bid and win million dollar contracts. And the reason why you no longer hear about Duggan “turning around” the Wayne County airport is because the people under his direction were indicted for corruption, and his wife was almost indicted as well (Detroit free press July, 2001). Those are just a few things ignored by the recent media during election time!

Here is the bottom line: All politicians are professional liars. Some have good intentions and some don’t, and unfortunately many citizens are quick to jump on the side of the majority and never have a clear understanding of what’s really happening around them.
Detroit is full of resources, therefore “they” want you out so they can move back in and take it over! It’s gentrification! They don’t want the elderly or the poor to be able to live here or have a decent life or place to live! They have begun displacing these groups of people.

The city of Detroit has been declining since the 60’s. Many people have already left to move next door to someone who despises them for no reason. Maybe, it’s because you literally bring their property value down. Wherever there are oppressed people, the rate of crime will be higher. Laying off city employees and contractors that live in the city doesn’t help either! If you take away the businesses and industries that supplied the city with work, look forward to people fleeing the state and crime increasing.

Is this the “change” you were hoping for???

This article was originally posted in April 2014 on http://www.LetsTalkRaeStyle.com

Photo credit: Google