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I am not a mother but I am a leader, a life learner, and a mentor. When I was a teenager, I had my times with my smart mouth just like any other teenager, but I was never disrespectful to adults. Even if I didn’t want to hear what an adult was telling me, I listened anyway because you can’t debate an adult. Debating an adult would be disrespectful.
Remember when you were in school and you didn’t want the teacher to call your parents because you knew you would be in trouble? It’s not that your parents would automatically accuse you of anything, but you knew you were doing something wrong. Now let’s fast forward to today!

These kids seem to have no fear of consequences. If a teacher calls their parents, the parent might beat them up. Their idea of fun is going to pick a fight with someone so they can record it and send it to World Star or save it to youtube. Did I mention they have smart mouths? How do you have a smart mouth yet you’re stupid? You don’t know anything about how things work or processes and procedure. You don’t even have common knowledge.

These kids are too focused on partying, video games, and being popular via the internet- all because they lack basic social skills. They are participating in adult conversations, picking out hair color for their extensions, sagging their pants or wearing skinny jeans, mini skirts, booty shorts etc…, finding a boyfriend/girlfriend, or making a MeMe for people to laugh at via social media!

When you raise grown kids, they often become unprepared adults. You get men that can’t decide whether or not they want to remain on their mothers bosom or stand on his own two feet. You get women that constantly blame other people for the things that have gone wrong in her life instead of accepting the fact that she’s a poor decision maker.

Someone better let them know that their college applications are going to be empty if they don’t have any volunteer work to add. You also need extra curricular activities. The real world doesn’t care about what your parents let you get away with. It will not fly! Knowing all the rap songs and the local neighborhood celebrities won’t get you far. Oh and the real world doesn’t celebrate mediocracy! In other words, you don’t get rewarded for being average!

Stop trying to be something that you’re not! Be a kid because that’s what you are! You will be grown soon enough! It’s okay to listen to adults with life experience, especially if they are only trying to help you! An open mouth can’t possibly hear anything!

This blog was originally posted on June 18th, 2014 on http://www.LetsTalkRaeStyle.com