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Greed Photo

The media is constantly informing the public that we need more. If it’s not a music video, movie, or commercial, it’s a TV show telling us that we need to “upgrade” something in our lives. It’s natural to want to be successful, and strive to be able to take care of yourself, and your family, but it’s important to recognize when you’re already excelling in life.

It’s often said that money is the root of all evil. Review your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram timeline and count how many times someone mentions how much money they have, the money they are getting, how hard they are working to increase the flow of their income (grinding/hustling), or what material item they are about to purchase!

I’ve seen families in quarrels after their loved one dies because of their last will and testimony. I’ve seen best friends in competition with each other over what kind of car the other one was getting and the size of their houses. Women are coming up missing because they set their boyfriends up to be robbed. People are going to jail for credit card scams (which, by the way, isn’t grinding or hustling. It’s stealing).

Greed can also be identified on a larger scale. Do you remember when the constructions of new pharmacies were being built on every corner? They literally started popping up everywhere! Do you all realize that no cures have been created or found since Polio?! Doesn’t that seem strange, with today’s advanced studies in medicine that there is still no cure for cancer? All prescription drugs do is prolong life and help you alleviate pain to some degree.

Pharmaceuticals are a billion dollar industry easily! The sicker you are the more expensive your medications are. Some medications have side effects so severe that you’ll need another medication to help subside the side effects of the first medication. Where does it end? Did I forget to mention that doctors often get paid for writing certain prescriptions from the pharmaceutical companies? Many doctors speak at conferences (getting paid for it of course) for pharmaceutical companies. Why not? I mean it’s not illegal.

“A Pro Public investigation shows that many doctors are being paid by the same drug companies whose medicines they prescribe. By 2013, all doctors must report any payments from pharmaceutical companies to the federal government, and those records will be public (npr.org).”

There was a book published titled “Natural Cures “they” Don’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau. There were doctors suing him due to the information he provided in the book at that time. Now the federal government is putting him in prison for being a “fraud artist”, well if what he was saying wasn’t true why was he being sued by doctors? I know who the real fraud artists are, and it’s not Kevin!!!!

It’s no surprise that cancer and diabetes (and other diseases as well) have been directly connected to the foods we eat. GMO’s have been banned in other countries but not here in the USA! KFC can’t even refer to themselves as Kentucky Fried Chicken anymore because it’s technically not real chicken. Yet the government allows these things. Why? Is it to ensure that we continue to have a poor quality of health and constantly need medicine? I really hope not because this sounds like the epitome of greed.

It seems that enough is never enough. No matter how much a person or industry has, it seems more will always be desired. Pay attention to what’s happening around you and around the world. Remember the answers are always much deeper than what’s revealed on the surface. Sometimes greed can reveal who people really are.

Be grateful, considerate, humble, and appreciative. The universe is always listening. Whatever form of evil that you dispense is only a small portion of what will be recoiling to you. Evil doesn’t always come dressed as the devil. It comes as everything you’ve ever wished for. How far will you go to satisfy your need for greed?

This was originally posted in May 2014 on http://www.LetsTalkRaeStyle.com