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Throughout life we as women meet new people. We create new bounds, experiences,and friendships. Some of us still have friends as far back as elementary school, high school, and college, and we have friends that we meet at work. With all these relationships that women create with each other, they often live by a code. The Girl code.

There are many rules within the Girl Code. For example: When you run into your friend’s ex and he asks how she’s doing, you automatically tell him she’s wonderful. You don’t inform him that she was crying for 6 weeks over their breakup. When you have all these friends and you are in the dating scene, you are bound to run across someone your sorority sister or best friend from high school dated.

I know that breaking Girl Code is dating someone that one of your friends was once in a relationship with. But what if your friend was in a situationship with someone and it’s now ended? A situationship is basically when everything is up in the air. You know how you feel about him but you’re unsure of how exactly he feels about you. You’re just going along with the situation.

What if you have friends that consider themselves as sexually free (you probably met most of those friends in college)? Those friends enjoy meeting guys and having casual sex. There is no love, emotions, feelings, etc… They just had sex. If you meet someone that one of your friends had sex with years ago, is he now off limits for dating? I think we all have a couple of friends that I call “sneaky freaky.” A “SNEAKY FREAKY” friend is the one that has a few notches under her belt and they all aren’t revealed at the same time. For example Tiffany and Tamera are in the car and Tiffany starts telling a story about this new guy she’s dating named Kyle. Tamera stops Tiffany in mid sentence and starts asking very specific questions about Kyle to verify his identity. Tamera then tells Tiffany they had sex. Tamera is a “Sneaky Freaky” friend.

Now Kyle is off limits because Tamera has a friendly vagina, right?! What if your friend dated someone but didn’t like him? She basically just used him for the free meals and entertainment. You know what Im talking about! Then, later on down the line, he dates one of her friends and they really like each other. Is her friend breaking Girl Code?

At what point do we stop doing things to please others and start pleasing ourselves? Does it depend on how good of a friend the person is to you? Does it depend on how long you’ve been friends? What terms define breaking Girl Code?

This blog was originally posted on July 1st, 2014 on http://www.LetsTalkRaeStyle.com