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Women are the creators of life. Nurturers by NATURE! We come in different creeds, ethnicities, colors, shapes, and sizes. As different as we are, it seems that women are ultimately after the same objectives. Those objectives tend to be whatever goals or accomplishments we have set for ourselves. Goals can be career driven, matters of the heart, or starting and stabilizing a family. So, if women are aiming for the same things, why are we constantly competing against one another?!

Everyday via social media, there are categories pitting women against each other. Skinny vs. Thick, long hair vs. short hair, natural hair vs. weaved hair, etc. Have you ever been standing next to a female friend, and a woman walks into a room and your friend just starts to denigrate the poor woman from head to toe? What is that about?

Have we forgotten about the women’s rights movement and the Women’s suffrage of the 1800’s? If that’s too far in the past for you how about The “Feminist” movement of the 1960’s. I have “Feminist” in quotes because when used it’s meant to be negative even though the true meaning is NOT!! Did we forget that women are still a minority (Well technically we aren’t but I’ll save that for another blog)?

It seems as if everything has been forgotten. Is this a matter of jealousy or low self-esteem? I mean, you would HAVE to have low self-esteem to tear another woman down, especially a woman that you don’t personally know. Maybe it’s plain old jealousy. You’re disgruntled because she makes more money than you, right? You’re upset because another woman didn’t make the same life choices that you made. Whatever the reason or rationale is for the constant competition between women, it is wasted ENERGY! Wasted negative energy doesn’t do anything but allow you to feel drained, overwhelmed, and miserable. Energy can not be destroyed, but it can be transferred. So, the next time you feel that you have to compete with another woman, remember the real competition is YOURSELF!

This blog was originally posted on http://www.LetsTalkRaeStyle.com March 2014

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